About Us

Ashok and Anand belong to the Temple City of Madurai, Tamilnadu, India. They have learnt different facets of Juggling by sheer hard work and practice, without any instructor or Guru. Having completed their Schooling from St Britto’s Madurai, they joined Madura College for their Graduation. This was a unique period in their life, wherein, through the medium of Jugglery, they participated in many an Inter College Cultural Festival, won many prizes and accolades and brought Glory to the College.

This Skill of Juggling led to them performing for many a corporate event and private functions. Soon they were noticed for their extraordinary skills and found their way to performing in many Television channels.

They have performed more than 2000 shows in India and across the Globe.

They have developed the ability to juggle with almost anything like Balls, Clubs, Knives, Scarves, Fire sticks, Hats, cigar boxes, tumblers, key board, bouncing ball, and can perform many of these even blindfolded. In fact these awesome twins are always on the look out for new props with which they could juggle. Their Philosophy in life is that every day is a learning experience.

Ashok and Anand owe their growth in this field to the constant care, affection and guidance of their parents who had the faith and confidence to encourage the twin brothers to take up juggling as a profession.

Ashok and Anand strongly feel that with constant practice, any one can learn the art of juggling. In their Endeavour to promote this art, they plan to open Schools of Jugglery in due course.





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